GED Practice Test-1 for Reasoning Through Language Arts

Here is some information that you need to know before you start this test
You should not spend too much time on a question if you are not certain of the answer;
answer it the best you can, and go on to the next question.
• If you are not certain of the answer to a question, you can mark your answer for review
and come back to it later.
• This test has three sections.
• You have 35 minutes to complete Section 1.
• When you finish Section 1, you may review those questions.
• You may not go back to Section 1 once you have finished your review.
• You have 45 minutes to complete the Extended Response question in Section 2.
• After completing Section 2, you may take a 10-minute break.
• You have 60 minutes to complete Section 3.
• When you finish Section 3, you may review those questions

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